Department of Exercise, Health, and Sport Sciences

NATA Joint Committee Meeting

The student leadership committee hard at work

The weekend of January 27-29 was the annual Joint Committee Meeting (JCM) for the committees of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA). Shelby Watts was in attendance as the representative for the Student Leadership Committee (SLC) for District 1 (New England) of the NATA. During the weekend, each committee was given time to meet to discuss new ideas and how to further the projects they were already working on. The SLC spent its time revising their policies and procedures manual, making final decisions on the Student Seminar of the upcoming NATA conference to be held in June 2017, discussing best practice on determining scholarship winners, creating the student competition for the upcoming National Athletic Trainers’ Month, and much more. As the only students in attendance at the JCM, the SLC members had great opportunities to network with the leaders in the field of Athletic Training and learn about issues and new changes that are coming to the degree and the profession.