Department of English

Former College Writing Students Give Advice

To do well in College Writing... have to know the basic rules for writing and you have to know how to apply information you've read to an essay. have to come to peer reviews, do your work, and be willing to learn something new. have to make time to do the reading and papers with plenty of time to revise. should be prepared for class.  In my experience, whenever I failed to read or to write my assigned homework the coming class would be a struggle. the stories and take good notes, so that when it comes time to write papers it will be easier.  Focus on content and organization of the whole paper. must have an understanding of how the English language flows.  You must know how to use structure to your advantage.

...the student must come to class fully prepared.  To be fully prepared, the student must have completed all assignments and read all of the assigned texts. need to read the essays a few times and really understand them well. must read the assignments very carefully and make sure you completely understand the assignment. should try to stay with the readings because you gain a better understanding in class when you are going over them.  Also the essays are based on the reading so nothing is a surprise if you read the assignments.

"Before taking this class, I wish someone had told me..." to correctly introduce and explain quotes.  That I should review techniques for writing an essay. read the essays twice. finish a large amount of homework. bone up on writing styles and techniques.

...that in order to do well you must always be prepared. study the citation methods well. read the assignments carefully.