Department of English

George Lyons

Adjunct Faculty of English
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Office Location

311 Luther Bonney Hall, Portland



Academic Degrees

  • B.A., St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia
  • M.Ed., University of Maine


George Lyons, M.Ed. (University of Maine), B.A. (St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia), NDEA Fellowship-English (Boston University), is a former director (1984-2011) of the Professional Development Center, an outreach continuing education unit of the College of Education, University of Southern Maine (USM), and a former director (1980-1990) of the Southern Maine Writing Project, an affiliate of the National Writing Project. He served as instructor and coordinator (1980-2005) of the annual creative writing project sponsored by the Woman’s Literary Union for Greater Portland high school students. He taught English and Latin at Cheverus High School and chaired the English Department at Deering High School (Portland, Maine). As an adjunct faculty in the USM English Department, he has taught writing courses from 1983 through 2016.