Department of English

Guidelines for Internship in Professional Writing

Rationale: To provide qualified English majors with experience on local publications as professional writers.


  1. A three-credit internship would entail about 8-10 hours of work per week, either on or off the publication site, for one semester.
  2. The student would perform duties that would involve him/her in the writing process. S/he would be available to research, draft, and edit articles or press releases while learning other technical aspects of journalism, such as layout and paste up.
  3. Each intern will be supervised by a faculty advisor, who will coordinate writing assignments with the employer. At the end of the semester, the student will write a report analyzing the internship experience.
  4. Student applicants for the Internship in Professional Writing will be screened by the Director of Internships who will require the following materials:

    a) A current resume
    b) An unofficial transcript (available through MaineStreet)
    c) Two writing samples
    d) A statement of goals in professional writing which includes selection of at least two possible internship openings for the semester

  5. On the basis of the application materials, the Director of Internships will set up interviews with potential employers for qualified students.
  6. Each internship will be flexibly designed by the faculty advisor, the student, and the employer in consultation together. When an employer and an intern have agreed to set up an Internship for the semester, a written contract will commit both to a job description. Employer, student and Internship Director will each keep a copy of the contract.
  7. Credit (P/F) will not be granted until the final report is submitted to the Director of Internships and the employer and Director verify that the contracted work was performed acceptably.