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Irish documentary film-maker Maurice Fitzpatrick will be conducting lectures and workshops at USM, St. Joseph’s College, and Bates College on September 8, 9 and 10. These lectures and workshops are free and open to the public. Entitled “Representing the Irish Troubles on Screen,” Mr. Fitzpatrick will draw on documentary films he has made for BBC about Northern Ireland and from his work in progress “John Hume in America.”
USM English Students in Glickman Library
“The culture and the institutions of the U.S. are indelibly connected to the history of slavery. Through the Slavery and Public History course, and through this exhibition, students are examining the enduring legacy of American history via artifacts and memorials, using race as the organizing principle.” - Eve Raimon, USM Professor of English
USM University of Southern Maine English Department lectures
The USM Department of English once again is presenting its annual lecture series, offering three faculty lectures on diverse topics involving critical historical and cultural analysis. The lectures, which are free and open to the public, represent the interdisciplinary and cutting-edge approach taken to scholarly work by the department faculty, according to Jane Kuenz, USM associate professor of English and department chair.
USM University of Southern Maine Nancy Gish professor literature Engllish Scotland
As Scotland moves toward voting next week on whether it will secede from Great Britain, a University of Southern Maine professor will tour the country to observe first hand this momentous and historically significant event.
Rereading Goethe, Rethinking Culture
Professor Gerald Peters’ book, "Rereading Goethe, Rethinking Culture," was recently published.
"Otherwise Unseeable" book by Betsy Sholl
Betsy Sholl, adjunct professor of English, published a book of poetry titled, “Otherwise Unseeable."
Faculty Senate Awards were presented to Professors Dean and Waldrep.
John Muthyala
A Faculty Senate Research Grant was awarded to Professor John Muthyala.
Professor Shelton Waldrep was recently named the 2014-15 USM Trustee Professor.
A USM professor of English who specializes in Scottish poetry, and particularly that of Hugh MacDiarmid, was honored for her research and scholarship in Scottish literature by one of the top literary organizations in that country.


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