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There are many scholarships available for USM students. 

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  1. USM Scholarships
    These are open to all USM students who fulfill the individual award criteria. 

  2. CAHS Scholarships
    These are open to all College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science students who fulfill individual award criteria.  We would like to direct your attention to three CAHS awards that English majors may be especially successful in pursuing:

    1. Treworgy Scholarship
      Open to any major entering Junior or Senior Year, with a minimum GPA of 3.00, who has demonstrated a commitment to his/her degree and demonstrates financial need.
    2. CAHS Dean’s Scholarship
      Open to continuing Sophomores (currently 24-53 credits) in Humanities or Social Science, with a minimum GPA of 3.00 and demonstrates financial need.
    3. USM Classics Scholarship
      Open to full time undergraduates in History, English, Philosophy, Liberal Studies and Art History. 

  3. Department of English Scholarships
    The Department of English administers three scholarships that are only available to English majors:

    1.  Elizabeth Sawyer Scholarship
      This scholarship is awarded to an active English major who holds senior status. The student must demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, have a minimum GPA of 3.5, and intend to enter the teaching profession by pursuing graduate study in English.  
    2. Virginia Weaver Scholarship
      This scholarship is awarded to an active English major.
    3. Rick Carbonneau Scholarship
      This award is a partial scholarship toward attending the annual Stonecoast Writers’ Conference and is awarded to an active English major who is a non-traditional (adult) student with outstanding writing ability. The application deadline is in mid-March.

      Of these, only the Carbonneau Scholarship for the Stonecoast Writers’ Conference requires an application.  The Sawyer Scholarship is awarded through a process of faculty review.  Majors are notified by the Department if they are eligible, and these students may be asked to submit further application materials.

      Majors will be notified when scholarship eligibility is available.


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