Department of Engineering

Asheesh R. Lanba

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Office Location

131 John Mitchell Center

Faculty Office Hours Fall 2020

All appointments via Zoom. Send e-mail to schedule.



Academic Degrees

  • B. Eng (Mechanical Engineering) Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 2009
  • Ph.D. (Engineering Science & Mechanics) Pennsylvania State University, University Park 2015


Dr. Lanba obtained his PhD in Engineering Science and Mechanics from the Pennsylvania State University in 2015. In graduate school, he also taught Engineering Statics, Dynamics, Strength of Materials and Experimental Stress Analysis, and mentored undergraduate researchers. Over the past three years he has worked as the Chief Operating Officer at L4iS, a startup that commercializes laser-based innovations. He obtained his B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering from the Nanyang Technological University (or NTU) in Singapore, with a final year specialization in Aeronautical Engineering. In Singapore, he interned at ExxonMobil, working with the reliability engineering team at the intermediates and aromatic refinery.

His primary PhD research involved establishing structure-property-function relationships for novel NiTiNb shape memory alloys (SMAs) to enable their use in strengthening concrete bridge girders. This research was funded by the US Department of Transportation. He has made discoveries in the phase transformation behavior of commonly used nitinol SMAs and has developed engineering applications for the same. He has also worked to successfully develop and commercialize laser ablation tomography (or LATscan). LATscan is a 3D imaging and analytical tool that uses high powered lasers to precisely ablate thin surface sections, while they are imaged at the same time. The technology has found success in many fields that include plant science, entomology, life sciences, material science and pharmacology to name a few.

Outside of work, Dr. Lanba is an avid hiker, mountain biker, cinephile and cynophile. He also played cricket for NTU at the national and inter-varsity level in Singapore.

Research Interests

Dr. Lanba’s primary research interests are in advanced materials, developing laser-based engineering applications, and machine learning.

Recent Publications

  1. Morrison III, W.R., Lanba, A., Hall, B. and Bruce, A., 2020. Novel implementation of laser ablation tomography as an alternative technique to assess grain quality and internal insect development in stored products. Journal of Stored Products Research86, p.101552."
  2. Hall, Benjamin T. & Lanba, A. (2019). Three-Dimensional Analysis of Biological Systems via a Novel Laser Ablation Technique. Journal of Laser Applications, 31(2), p.022602.
  3. Dilibal, S., Hamilton, R.F. & Lanba, A. (2017). The effect of employed loading mode on the mechanical cyclic stabilization of NiTi shape memory alloys. Intermetallics, 89, 1-9.
  4. Lanba, A., & Hamilton, R. F. (2015). The Impact of Martensite Deformation on Shape Memory Effect Recovery Strain Evolution. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 46A, 3481-3489.
  5. Hamilton, R. F., Lanba, A., Ozbulut, O., & Tittmann, B. (2015). Shape Memory Effect in Cast versus Deformation-Processed NiTiNb Alloys. Shape Memory and Superelasticity, 1, 117-123.
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