Department of Engineering

EGN 248

Introduction to Differential Equations and Linear Algebra

Course Description: Introduction to linear algebra and differential equations for engineering and science students. Standard methods for solving differential equations as they arise in engineering and science, linear algebra concepts needed to solve linear algebraic systems and linear systems of differential equations, and computational skills in matrix theory needed in computational linear algebra. Topics will include matrix algebra, determinants, linear independence, linear systems, linear transformations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, vector spaces, first-order ODEs, higher-order linear ODEs, linear systems of ODEs, Laplace transform, and mathematical modeling and numerical methods. May be replaced by MAT 350.

Curriculum: Required for electrical and mechanical engineering
Prerequisites: MAT 153
Instructors: Mariusz Jankowski
Delivery: Lecture 4 hrs.
Frequency: Fall, Spring
Credits: 4