Department of Engineering

EGN 325

Control Systems

Course Description: Laplace transform, transfer function, modeling control systems by block diagrams, transient and steady-state responses of SISO systems in time domain, error analysis, frequency-response analysis using Bode and Nyquist diagrams, root-locus and Routh’s stability methods, analysis and design of control systems using root-locus analysis, operational amplifiers, compensation and design of feedback control systems using lead-lag compensators and PID controllers, state space method for analysis of MIMO systems. Includes experiments and computer simulations for analysis and design of control systems.

Curriculum: Required for electrical engineering
Prerequisites: ELE 217, EGN 248
Instructors: Mehrdaad Ghorashi
Delivery: Lecture 3 hrs., Lab 1 hr.
Frequency: Fall, even year (see the Course Offering Plan)
Credits: 3