Department of Engineering

ELE 243

Electronics I: Devices and Circuits

Course Description: Operation, terminal characteristics and circuit models of p-n junction diodes, bipolar-junction and field-effect transistors. Nonlinear circuit analysis methods: piece-wise-linear, small-signal and SPICE. Biasing and bias stability. Rectifiers, clipper, clamper, Zener regulator circuits, and small signal BJT and FET amplifiers. Analysis, design, and SPICE simulation of such circuits. Replaces ELE 342.

Curriculum: Required for electrical engineering, elective for EE minor
Prerequisites: EGN 260, ELE 217 (co-requisite)
Instructors: Mustafa Guvench
Delivery: Lecture 3 hrs., Lab 2 hrs.
Frequency: Spring
Credits: 4