Department of Engineering

Engineering Department Welcomes Micki Meggison from SAPPI

We are pleased to welcome Micki Meggison, Director, Technical & Process Improvement of Sappi Fine Paper North America.

Ms. Meggison has been appointed as our Scientist/Engineer in Residence in the College of Science Technology and Health for the Spring 2012 semester.

The Scientist/Engineer in Residence program provides a one semester residency opportunity for a scientist or engineer from a company in a community served by the University. Selected engineers and scientists will have the opportunity to act as ambassadors and mentors with faculty, staff and students at USM, and will explore possible areas of alliance for research, internships and student placement in support of the needs of USM and the scientist/engineer's company. The Scientist/Engineer will be asked to deliver one formal talk or presentation to students and faculty on their research/area of expertise during their residency.

The Scientist/Engineer in Residence includes an on campus presence for several hours during the morning or afternoon. During this time, the Scientist/Engineer in Residence will be available to meet with students, visit departments, student groups, classes and laboratories, and will be treated as a guest member of the faculty. Accordingly, the Scientist/Engineer in Residence will be invited to attend college, school, and department functions most closely related to their area of expertise.