Department of Engineering

Engineering Schedule

We offer a wide array of courses in support of our degree programs. Courses that are currently being offered on a regular basis are listed at our Course List, and have the frequency stated in their respective course descriptions, franging from 3 times/year all the way to once every 2 years (see the Course Offering Plan or Course Rotation Matrix for a tabular view of the offerings).

Below are graphical charts of the semester schedule to assist in planning, advising, and enrolling, along with a record of previous semesters for reference. Also included are the schedules of final exams when they become available.

Next semester: Fall 2020

Current semester: Spring 2020 (finals)

Previous semesters (for reference):

Fall 2019 (finals)
Spring 2019

Fall 2018
Spring 2018 (finals)
Fall 2017 (finals)
Spring 2017 (finals)
Fall 2016 (finals)
Spring 2016 (finals)
Fall 2015 (finals)
Spring 2015 (finals)
Fall 2014

Spring 2014
Fall 2013
Spring 2013
Fall 2012
Spring 2012
Fall 2011
Spring 2011
Fall 2010