Department of Engineering

EYE 112

Built Environment: Energy

Course Description: A substantial component of the world we live in is the built environment – the world that people have invented, designed, built and used. People have seen the natural environment to be sacred, to be a part of, to be enjoyed, to be used, and to be dominated. In recent times it has become recognized that human activities can seriously affect the natural environment. This semester we focus on a particular part of the natural environment – energy. You will learn what energy is, where various forms of energy come from and how they are transformed and used.  Forms of energy studied include, for example, fossil, solar, wind hydro, biomass and nuclear. You will study the social, economic, political and environmental issues related to the acquisition, processing and use of energy.  Integral to the course are lectures, reading, writing, group activities, laboratory exercises and experiments, and a team project. Students should have very basic algebra skills. This course is not required for transfer students with more than 24 credits applied toward one of our engineering degree programs.

Curriculum: Required for electrical and mechanical engineering; core curriculum Entry Year Experience requirement
Prerequisites: ENG 100 (co-requisite)
Instructors: James Masi, James Smith, Lin Lin
Delivery: Lecture 2 hrs., Lab 2 hrs.
Frequency: Fall, Spring
Credits: 3