Department of Engineering

Fall 2016 Engineering Statistics for Manufacturing

New course announcement for Fall 2016

EGN 498 (Advanced Topics): Engineering Statistics for Manufacturing

When:             Mondays and Wednesdays, 8:00 – 9:40

Where:            JMC 151

Instructor:      Dr. Michael P. Davis, 780-5956,

Variation in part characteristics is an unavoidable part of any manufacturing process.  Most crucial to the manufacturing engineer is being able to distinguish between naturally occurring random variation from more nefarious root causes that negatively impact quality.  Statistical tools are used throughout the entire life cycle of manufacturing, from the process design stage in an effort to reduce variation, to monitoring to assess process stability, through establishing acceptance/rejection criteria for finished parts.

This course was created in response to feedback from the local manufacturing industry seeking these skills in potential new hires and interns from the USM student body. Engineering students can use this course to satisfy a technical elective.


At the end of this course, students will be able to…

  1. Apply statistical analysis techniques to manufacturing process data.
  2. Establish acceptance/rejection criteria for manufactured parts.
  3. Understand and create process control charts.
  4. Perform a multiple linear regression analysis.
  5. Compare sample populations using an analysis of variance.

Pre-requisite: MAT 380

Textbook: (same as MAT 380)

Devore, Jay L. “Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences”, 9th ed. Cengage Learning 2016.

About the Instructor:

Dr. Davis is a lecturer in mechanical engineering and has been a part of the USM faculty since the fall of 2015.  Prior to coming to USM, he spent over 10 years working in the shipbuilding and aviation industries, primarily in the field of gas turbine engines.