Department of Engineering

MEE 352

Analysis and Design of Composite Structures

Course Description: Advantages and limitations of composite materials, fibers and matrices, anisotropic, orthotropic and transversely isotropic materials, fabrication processes of composites, axial deformation and bending of sandwich beams and reinforced concrete, elastic behavior and strength of unidirectional lamina, elastic constants of a lamina along an arbitrary direction, elastic behavior of multidirectional laminate, failure criteria of laminates, joining and assembly, case studies, mechanical test methods, experimental determination of engineering constants of composites, computer-aided analysis and design of composite structures.

Curriculum: Mechanical engineering elective
Prerequisites: MEE 251, MAT 252
Instructors: Mehrdaad Ghorashi
Delivery: Lecture 3 hrs., Lab 1 hr.
Frequency: Fall, odd year (see the Course Offering Plan)
Credits: 3