Department of Engineering

MEE 373

Design of Machines and Mechanisms

Course Description: Mobility and degrees of freedom in mechanisms, review of kinematics, instant centers, cam and follower design, gears, gear trains, interference and undercutting, synthesis of linkages, static and dynamic force analysis, measuring mass moment of inertia, free and forced vibrations, dynamics of reciprocating engines, static and dynamic balancing, Euler’s equations of motions, rolling-contact bearings, journal bearings, flywheels, gyroscopes, governors, clutches and brakes. Design is performed by available formulas and standards as well as computer aided design by simulation software. Includes a student design project.

Curriculum: Required for mechanical engineering
Prerequisites: MEE 270, MEE 372 
Instructors: Mehrdaad Ghorashi 
Delivery: Lecture 3 hrs., Lab 2 hrs.
Frequency: Spring, odd year (see the Course Offering Plan)
Credits: 4