Department of Engineering

Students present at ASEE 2014 Conference in Bridgeport, CT

Dr. James Masi along with three students; Mark Jacobs, Joshua Stewart and Allen Guinoo traveled down to Bridgeport Connecticut April 3-5 to the ASEE conference to present their research papers on projects they have been diligently working on.

Joshua and Allen worked with Dr. Lin Lin on their paper entitled, "Heat Collectors through Active Solar Energy" which is a project designed to implement the use of active solar technologies via a Solar Hot Air system to help reduce dependence on external energy sources to modern homes.

Mark Jacobs worked with Dr. James Masi along with two Engineering Alumni, Robert Hood and Kayla McCaffrey on their paper entitled, "In the Wind: From Tunnel to Turbine." This project looked at a country or region where energy production is based on imported coal or oil and finding ways that they can become more self-sufficent by using alternatives such as wind power.

We are very proud of our students for their contribution to this conference and all the work they put into their research.