Department of Environmental Science and Policy

Student Advising

Student advising is an important element of your success as a student. Advising can guide you to take the best courses for your ability level and to ensure you are progressing optimally toward your degree completion. ESP takes advising seriously!

  • Each student in the department is automatically assigned an advisor upon declaring their major. (Students in a minor program or a certificate program also receive an advisor.)
  • Students may change advisors based on career interests and preference.
  • If you are a new student or need assistance in finding your advisor, contact the office at (207) 780-5390 or visit us at 106 Bailey Hall, Gorham Campus (adjacent to the Financial Aid Office). 
  • You are encouraged to stop by and check in with your advisor anytime. At a minimum, students must meet with their advisor once a semester. During this meeting, you will discuss your progress, future goals, issues, and of course select upcoming courses for the next semester.
  • Be prepared! When you meet your advisor to select upcoming classes bring a completed ESP Planning Ahead Form. To help you complete this form, be sure to consult the most current ESP Two-year Rotation List of courses.
  • To chart your degree progress, be sure to use the ESP Curriculum Checklist that matches your matriculation year. Here is a copy of the current 2020-2021 Curriculum Checklist.


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