Department of Environmental Science and Policy

Applied Energy Program

  • Through a grant from the National Science Foundation, USM developed a new curriculum in Applied Energy designed to give students hands-on experiences in measuring energy efficiency, mapping wind and solar resources, testing biofuels and other sources of energy, and a myriad of other energy-related projects.
  • Students can take energy courses as electives or can pursue a Minor in Applied Energy. For non-degree seeking students, DES also offers a Certificate in Applied Energy.
  • Our innovative Applied Energy program is designed to train students for today’s energy jobs and tomorrow’s green jobs by focusing on developing an energy literacy and understanding the physics of energy at the building and structure level to support sustainable energy consumption and management.

  • We have retrofitted an existing, old 1,500 ft2 home on the Gorham Campus (the Applied Energy House Lab) to serve as our applied energy learning, discovery, and curriculum development lab.
  • The house has been converted to a dedicated energy lab to measure and record various aspects of heating and cooling loss, electricity consumption, and other environmental conditions with internal, external, and in-wall meters, probes, cameras, and sensors.
  • The house is unique; it is not a laboratory using ideal conditions but representative of typical housing stock in Northern New England and thus more relevant to real world conditions.

For More Information

Contact Daniel Martinez, Ph.D. ( for information about the Applied Energy curriculum, research opportunities, or the Applied Energy House Lab.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Number (NSF Grant Number 0941778).