Department of Environmental Science and Policy

Certificate in Applied Energy

The Certificate in Applied Energy is designed for students and professionals in area industry, consulting, government, and non-governmental organizations. The certificate is designed to develop an individual's skills in applied energy through a combination of laboratory, field work, and advanced analysis in energy efficiency, production, and life cycle assessment.

The certificate is awarded after the successful completion of the following courses with a minimum grade of C- or better:


Required Courses Credits
ESP 275 Energy Use and Societal Adaptation 3

ESP 308 Global Environmental Problems and Sustainability

    or ESP 421 Natural Resource Policy

ESP 311 Energy Efficiency 3
ESP 313 Renewable Energy 3

ECO/ESP 326 Environmental Economics

   or ECO/ESP 327 Natural Resource Economics


Matriculated students may be interested in applying for an Applied Energy Minor.

Admission is open to matriculated and non-matriculated students.  Please contact the Office of Admissions for more information.