Department of Environmental Science and Policy

Daniel M. Martínez Ph.D.

Associate Research Professor
Dr. Daniel Martinez

Office Location

105 Bailey Hall (Gorham Office); 196 Science (Portland Lab)

Faculty Office Hours Spring 2018

M/W 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm; T/Th 11:00 am - 12:00 pm (or by appointment)


207.780.5444 (office); 207.780.4019 (lab)

Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering
  • M.S., Chemical Engineering
  • B.S., Chemical Engineering


I earned my bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees from the University of Rochester (UR) in western New York. All but one of my Ph.D. years were spent at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland where I studied gas-to-liquid phase changes and small particle production with a focus on alkali and alkaline earth metals. Phase transitions in particular are fascinating, happening every where we look both on Earth and in the heavens. I had a blast doing that work and still very much miss Goddard, but decided to change things up near the end of my Ph.D.

Around that time, energy and climate were really hot topics and I got hooked, so I did a postdoctoral fellowship with a non-profit energy corporation, AHEAD Energy, whose mission is to increase energy access in the developing world (AHEAD was located at UR for many years). For about a year and a half I used my engineering background to look at social science data to try to model energy use and impacts from the perspectives of both the developed and the developing worlds. We coined the term The Energy Advantage to describe the work, and resulted in a two book contract to write about energy sustainability.

Since joining USM in 2008, I have worked on both scholarship and teaching, published two energy textbooks (third one due to publisher by March 2018!), and created the Department's applied energy curriculum. I've started going back to my roots and am working on nucleation again, as well as some applied chemistry projects related to molecular gels and foams, which have strong environmental considerations.

Courses taught at USM:

Rooftop Energy (ESP 199)

Atmosphere (ESP 207)

Earth Problems (ESP 199)

Energy Use & Societal Adaptation (ESP 275)

Energy Efficiency (ESP 311)

Renewable Energy Technologies (ESP 313)

Sustainable Communities (CPD 602)

Research Interests

energy sustainability, molecular science, STEM education and literacy

Recent Publications

Martínez, D.M. and B.W. Ebenhack. 2015. Valuing Energy for Global Needs: A Systems Approach. New York: Momentum Press. ISBN: 9781606502631.

Wagner, T. P., McCormick, K., & Martínez, D. M. 2015. Fostering STEM literacy through a tabletop wind turbine environmental science laboratory activity. Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences, 1-9.

Ebenhack, B.W. and D.M. Martínez. 2013. The Path to More Sustainable Energy Systems: How do we get there from here? New York: Momentum Press. ISBN: 978-1606502600.

Ebenhack, B.W., and D.M. Martínez. 2009. Before the Peak: Impacts of oil shortages on the developing world. Chapter 7 in “From Curse to Blessing: Using Natural Resources to Fuel Development.” International Social Science Journal Monograph Series. I. Khodeli, Editor. New Jersey: Wiley-Blackwell.

Ebenhack, B.W. and D.M. Martínez. 2008. What does sustainability mean to petroleum? Proceedings - SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition 5, pp. 3589-3603.

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Martínez, D.M., and B.W. Ebenhack. 2008. Understanding the role of energy consumption in human development through the use of saturation phenomena. Energy Policy 36 (4), pp. 1430- 1435.

Martínez, D.M., F.T. Ferguson, R.H. Heist, and J.A. Nuth III. 2005. Experimental studies of the vapor phase nucleation of refractory compounds. VI. The condensation of sodium. J. Chem. Phys. 123 (5), pp. 1-6. 2
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