Department of Environmental Science and Policy

DES Students Sweep Maine Water Conference Poster Competition

Congratulations to to 

Miguel Barajas (First), with co-authers Dr. Theodore Willis, Dr. Karen Wilson and Brandon Kulik, for his poster "Running the Gauntlet: Smallmouth Bass Predation on River Herring in the Kennebec/Androscoggin River Systems"

Jason Duff (Second), with co-authors Dr. Theodore Willis and Dr. Karen Wilson, for his poster "Using Acoustic Telemetry to Better Understand Post-Spawning Migratory Behavior of Alsoa Pseudoharengus"

Jackie Allen, Amanda Martin, Amy Webb, Margret Welch (Honorable Mention)  (Advisor: Dr. Rob Sanford) for their poster "University of Southern Maine Stormwater Trail"

More information about the Maine Water Conference is available here.