Department of Environmental Science and Policy

KAO Honors Society induction ceremony

KAO 19/20 inductees

Last Thursday, December 12th was the annual induction ceremony for the University of Southern Maine's zeta chapter of the Kappa Alpha Omicron honor society for the Interdisciplinary Environmental Association. KAO

This year, 9 outstanding students from the Environmental Science and Policy department were inducted. The night started with some light refreshments and mingling then moved into the main ceremony. After a brief introduction to the honor society and the induction process by the faculty advisor to the KAO chapter, Dr. Daniel Martínez, as well as chapter President, Hailey Janelle, and VP, Jenna Grossbarth, the induction process started. One by one, the inductees were called to the front of the room while a brief biography about their educational or professional aspirations and accomplishments was read. They each received a certificate and a candle that was “lit” from the chapter candle. After all inductees were called, the KAO pledge was collectively read and the inductees became lifetime members of the Kappa Alpha Omicron honor society in interdisciplinary environmental sciences and studies. The evening was a light and fun one full of laughter and impressive accomplishments. Congratulations to all inductees and good luck on future academic and professional pursuits! 


pictured from left to right
back row - Emily Hotham, Julie Gourlay, Hunter Johnson, Daniel Hutchings, Brooke Connolly
front row - Sam Harden, Kristin Benson, Alayna McNally, Michelle Radley