Department of Environmental Science and Policy


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Taking an interdisciplinary and applied approach to understanding and solving problems arising from human/environment interactions.


The Department of Environmental Science & Policy (ESP) is an interdisciplinary unit offering a B.A. in Environmental Planning & Policy and a B.S. in Environmental Science. We have an accelerated program allowing students in the B.A. program to work towards a Master's degree in Policy, Planning, & Management. And we have a pathway leading to secondary science certification for people who want to become teachers.

We have transfer agreements with Maine community colleges (YCCC, KVCC & SMCC).

We also offer minors and/or certificates in Sustainability, Energy Analysis, Environmental Science, Environmental Education, Energy Sustainability and Environmental Policy.

Our curriculum prepares students for a variety of professional roles in the environmental field as well as for graduate school.

As an ESP student, you will:

  • Participate in classes designed to be hands-on focusing on identifying and solving local and regional environmental problems.
  • Receive a rigorous science and policy education comprised of courses, laboratory training, fieldwork, and problem-solving experience.
  • Learn to analyze environmental data and problems in the field and work with diverse community, government, and industry interests.
  • Have professors who care about you and your career.
  • Apply knowledge and skills to community environmental projects.
  • Work with environmental professionals through our internship program.
  • Develop a portfolio that can be shown to prospective employers and graduate schools.
  • Become part of a community through field immersion weekend, collaborative projects, and student group activities.