Department of Environmental Science and Policy


The interdisciplinary composition of ESP faculty, including physical, life, and social scientists, results in a wide variety of research objectives and needs.  Students are often a critical part of this research and there are many opportunities.

  • ESP believes that undergraduate research is critical to promoting discovery, learning, and practical application to improve environmental quality and sustainability.
  • Our faculty are active researchers providing many opportunities for students through fellowships, paid research positions, work study, research practicum for credit, and volunteering.
  • Most of our mid- and upper-level courses are designed to focus on timely research questions designed to developed student skills in practical problem solving.
  • Our students are active participants in presenting research posters at USM's annual Thinking Matters Conference, the annual Maine Water Conference, and other conferences.
  • We do not just teach science, policy and planning, we study it with our students!


students presenting poster