Department of Environmental Science and Policy

Suggested Outline for Presentation at the ESP Internship Colloquium

The presentation should highlight the major sections of your written ESP Internship Report. The presentation should be in Microsoft PowerPoint, 8 - 10 minutes long, and should follow the suggested format below:

  1. Title (1 slide): Your name, the host organization, and your job title.
  2. Introduction (1 slide): Mission statement or background of the host organization.
  3. Objective of Internship (1 slide)
  4. Methods, Skills, and Technology (3 to 4 slides)
  5. Results (3 to 4 slides)
  6. Conclusion (1 to 2 slides)
  7. Graphics (1 to 5 slides): Include photographs of you working in the field, maps, report covers, diagrams, and other photographs as necessary to augment your presentation.

Presentation Suggestions:

  • You are strongly encouraged to practice your presentation. A clear and smooth presentation is more effective and better appreciated.
  • Practice the timing of the presentation in PowerPoint by selecting Slide Show, Rehearse Timing function.
  • Record your practice presentations with a tape or video recorder to review and correct, if necessary, your presentation
  • Focus on the content rather than the graphics: animation, cartoons, sound effects, and other special effects detract away from your message.
  • Maintain eye contact with the audience and speak in a clear, loud voice.
  • Be prepared for questions.
  • Providing materials or handouts applicable to your internship are welcomed additions to a presentation.
  • Because this is a professional style colloquium, students are expected to dress in standard business attire.