English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Dates and Fees

July 21 - August 22, 2014

September 2 - December 12, 2014

January 12 -  May 2, 2015

These are the dates for the University of Southern Maine (USM) Intensive English Language Program, USM's ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) program, also known as ESL or English as a Second Language.


Fees (in U.S. Dollars)

Application and program deposit:
A $190 payment must be sent with the application; $150 will be applied to program costs when a student enrolls. If a student does not enroll, the University keeps this deposit.

Fall or Spring Institute Costs for 2013-14
(15-week program)

Summer Institute Costs  for 2013
(5-week program)

Program fee* $3,990 Program fee $1,995
Application fee (nonrefundable) $40 Application fee (nonrefundable) $40
Mandatory University Fees* $368 Mandatory University Fees $158
Estimated Living Costs   Estimated Living Costs  
Room (double occupancy) & Food (estimated) * $5,750 Room (double occupancy) $1,225
Health Insurance $1,000 Food $1,050
Books and Supplies (estimated) $200 Health Insurance (est.)


Personal Expenses (estimated) $1,000 Books and Supplies (estimated) $100
    personal Expenses (estimated) $750