English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Admissions Pathway Program

What is the Admissions Pathway Program? 
The Admissions Pathway Program (APP) is an academic support program, offered through the University of Southern Maine’s English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Department. It was formerly known as The English Language Bridge (ELB) program. Students in the APP program are nonnative English speakers and multilingual writers who have met USM’s admission requirements, except that their TOEFL or SAT scores fall below the required level. All APP students meet with an academic advisor to select courses to promote that student’s academic success. Students in the APP program take both ESOL and regular classes during their first semester or year at USM. Once students have achieved proficiency in academic reading and writing, they may declare their choice of major.

Am I eligible to receive financial aid? 
Yes! APP students are eligible to apply for federal financial aid as U.S. citizens/permanent residents.

What happens after admission to USM via the Academic Pathways Program?
Students will be invited to new student orientation where they will take the English language placement test and meet with an advisor to register for classes. Click here to sign up for an ESOL Placement test. 

Will I receive college credit for ESOL Courses? 
Most ESOL courses offer 3.0 academic credits. Only one APP language course (ESL 098) is considered developmental-level and does not grant college credit towards graduation; the APP program’s placement test and writing sample determines which level of ESOL an APP student enrolls in. View the ESOL Courses for the APP here. 

What are the APP requirements for progressing to higher levels?
The Admissions Pathway Program has specific academic requirements that must be followed and successfully completed in order for the student to remain admitted at USM. Therefore, a grade of “C+” or better is required for students to progress to the next level of all ESOL courses. After completing ESL 100C (College Writing), and meeting other requirements outlined in each student's Academic Support Plan, students will have successfully fulfilled the APP program requirements.

 For more information about our program, please contact:

Andrea Vasquez, Program Director

(207) 780-4419