English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

IELP Curriculum - Fall/Spring

Intensive English Language Curriculum

The IEL Program is 22 hours of classes per week, personalized advising, free tutoring, and opportunities to get involved in the community and at the university. Our program offers course levels from intermediate to highly advanced. Reach for your dreams with USM’s Intensive English Language Program!

Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary

(6 hours per week)

This academic English language course focuses on helping students produce grammatically accurate, well-constructed, coherent English in the written form and in response to authentic reading. Emphasis is placed on vocabulary extension, idiom, and reading skills.

Reading and Speaking Fluency

(6 hours per week)

This course focuses on helping students improve their speed and comfort in both speaking and reading, through discussion of thematic units based on TED talks. Students learn techniques for reading faster and understanding more of what they read and for developing and giving effective presentations. Diverse and authentic materials are used in this class.

Grammar and Writing

(4 hours per week)

This academic English language course focuses on building a strong grammatical foundation in the English language with an additional emphasis on editing skills and using these skills to produce short pieces of writing and oral presentation.

Oral Communication and US Culture (Listening and Speaking)

(4 hours per week)

This newly redesigned course focuses on helping students speak and understand the English language better- with a focus on important topics in US culture. Students will explore topics such as cultural awareness, American slang and formal communication, and academic culture via videos, guest speakers, and short readings and discussion activities. Emphasis is placed on oral production in conversation and short presentations and listening comprehension strategies and skills.

ESL College Writing

(4 hours per week)

ESL 100 is a special section of ENG 100 College Writing. This highly advanced-level, 3-credit course has been designed for non-native speakers of English who have met USM pre-college writing proficiency requirements either through ESL 104 and 102 or through official assessments. Drawing upon college-level readings and classroom discussions, and skills obtained in previous courses/studies, students will expand and sharpen the writing and study skills necessary for college-level academic courses. This course is the final writing course in the APP sequence.


The IELP is unable to provide instruction for absolute beginners of English.