English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Placement test for English Language Bridge (ELB) students - Fall 2016

New English Language Bridge (ELB) Students – Fall 2016

Please click here for more information about our langauge placement test and USM summer and orientation.

International Students– Summer/Fall 2016

New students must take an English Language Placement test on the first day of class to determine course level. Please contact us with any questions.

Community ESOL students – Summer/Fall 2016

If you are considering regisering for an ESOL course at USM this summer or fall, a language placement test wil lbe required previous to registration. Our next tests will be offered on June 16 and 29, July 12 and 27, and August 10 and 23.  Please contact us to reserve a space. (207) 780-4365.