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High school students

At the University of Southern Maine (USM), you’ll meet extraordinary people from all different backgrounds who will help shape the way you view the world. You’ll be challenged by our exceptional faculty, stimulating classes, and extensive research facilities. And with 54 majors and 80 minors to choose from, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue your goals while expanding your horizons. We believe that academic strength begins in our low student-to-faculty ratio classrooms and flourishes through real-world learning experiences in the community that include internships, service learning, and research projects.

Students collaborating in a classroom

Transfer students

A great college experience comes with finding the right fit. At our university, you’ll discover a warm and welcoming environment — and a community that’s the perfect size for helping new ideas take flight. Our transfer process gives you the option to continue along your current academic path or explore new directions and career goals. We offer generous, merit-based scholarships for all qualified, full-time, undergraduate students — including transfers — and you’re automatically considered when you apply. And you can receive academic credit for the college courses you've already taken.

Students studying in a coffee shop

Degree completion seekers

We are tremendously proud of our rich mix of students and the benefits associated with learning in a diverse community. If you’re heading back to school after years on the job, in the military, or raising a family, you’ll enjoy the camaraderie on campus. Our classrooms are filled with students of different ages, backgrounds, and experiences who thrive together. With undergraduate majors offered on campus and online, you have the flexibility to tailor your program to meet the demands of your life — while still finishing your degree quickly so you can owe less and start earning more. And we’ll make sure that you get the academic credit you deserve for college-level knowledge you’ve acquired through work or professional experience.

Occupational Therapy students

Graduate degree seekers

The academic strength of our programs is made evident through our stimulating classes, challenging coursework, and outstanding faculty who provide our graduate students with the resources and connections they need to forge their own path and leave their mark on the world. Many of our graduate degrees and certificates are available online or via distance learning, and students who choose to learn this way receive the same personalized attention from our dedicated faculty that on-campus students experience.

A student working on a laptop

Online degree seekers

We are known for having a student body of people who juggle many responsibilities. If you require the freedom to complete your education as your job, family, and everyday life allows, earning an online degree might be the right option for you. We offer a total of 12 bachelor’s and master’s degrees that are fully achievable online. Our online programs meet the same rigorous standards taught by the same dedicated faculty as our on-campus programs and offer online support services like tutoring, academic advising, and tech support. Plus, we offer a low e-tuition rate to non-residents of Maine so you can complete your degree for less from the comfort of your home.