Extended Teacher Education Program (ETEP)

Dr. Flynn Ross Publishes New Op-Ed

Flynn Ross, Ed.D. is associate professor of teacher education and coordinator of the Extended Teacher Education Program at the University of Southern Maine. She is co-leader of the Maine chapter of the Scholars Strategy Network, which brings together scholars across the country to address public challenges and their policy implications.

In her August 30th Bangor Daily News Op-Ed "Maine Schools Need More Resources That Translate into Greater Achievement", Flynn writes: 

"Maine people value education. In 2003, more than 72 percent of voters said yes to the state funding 55 percent of the cost of public education. But since 2008, the state share has declined to 46.6 percent. This matters because state funding of schools is a more equitable way to finance education than through widely varying property taxes in each community. State funding has the potential to improve education for Maine as a whole, and it keeps us out of legal battles about inequitable school funding that have plagued many other states. Alternatively, reducing state funding for schools puts an undue burden on local communities that have to raise local taxes or cut services in order to make up the difference for what the state is obligated to contribute."  Click here to read the whole article in the Bangor Daily News.