Extended Teacher Education Program (ETEP)

MTL Graduation


This is an important accomplishment in your life. You have just a few more steps to go before attending commencement in May. You are strongly encouraged to go to this special celebration.

You can apply to graduate at one of three times per year -- May, August, or December.

There is NO FEE to graduate! Once you apply to graduate, you will automatically receive information on commencement exercises the following or preceding May.

Step 1: Check with your faculty advisor to make sure that you are ready to graduate.

Step 2: Complete an Application for Degree Form. You can do this in MaineStreet. Complete the form at the beginning of your last semester. Don't delay. Doing it later can slow down your graduation paperwork.

(The remainder of the steps are not your responsibility. They are outlined to give you a better understanding of what is involved in the graduation process.)

Step 3: Kim Warren (kiwarren@maine.edu) creates your paperwork based on your application for degree that submitted and then sends to your advisor.

Step 4: The grad cert is sent to your faculty advisor for review. Your faculty advisor reviews your grad cert, signs it, and sends it to returns it to Kim Warren

Step 5: After ALL degree requirements have been met, the grad cert is returned to the Registrar's Office and you graduate. Depending on the time of year, this can take a few days. The Registrar's Office sends you an official transcript and your diploma.

May Graduation
The commencement ceremony occurs in May only. The Application for Degree Form should be submitted no later than the end of February to insure that you receive all relevant ceremony information in a timely manner and to insure inclusion in the commencement program booklet. You can apply for graduation in May even if you are missing up to six credits (excluding incomplete courses). Your conferred degree date actually changes to reflect the semester in which the credits were taken and completed.

August Graduation
August graduation is for students who complete their cousework in the summer session. This can happen throughout the summer. If, for example, you complete a class in June, you will receive your degree, but it will still state August as your conferred date.

December Graduation
December graduation is for students who complete their coursework in the fall semester.