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Two USM Alumni Recognized at 2016 County Teachers of the Year Event

Two Alumni

Teachers of the Year for each of Maine’s counties were announced in a formal ceremony in Augusta recently. Among those recognized were two University of Southern Maine alumni - Morgan Cuthbert from Harrison Middle School in Yarmouth and Lawrence Kovacs from Bath Middle School.

Morgan was nominated by Rhonda and Duncan Birkbeck who noted:
"From the first day of 7th Grade our child's life was changed. Morgan soon became more than a teacher. He became a mentor, a guide, an ever constant presence in the shifting tides of learning and social challenges that come with Middle School. He led each child, at his own pace, as they challenged the boundaries of their learning.  At the same time that he encouraged their academic growth, he was also a steadfast support as they also faced personal growth and challenges. He encouraged them to be individuals-working together.”

Lawrence was nominated by Karen Curley who remarked -
"Lawrence enjoys an easy rapport with his students and encourages them to be independent learners. As a colleague, he fully supports other staff’s efforts and never hesitates to lend expertise and energy. Lawrence has a wonderful sense of humor which is appreciated by students and staff alike. The quality of the education our students receive in this district has been enhanced because of his dedication.”

Dr. William Beardsley, Deputy Commissioner of Education, led the ceremony saying, “Each of us remembers a teacher who changed our lives, a special teacher who instructed us in formal education, yet who also mentored us in becoming who we are. These County Teachers of the Year we honor today are individuals with exceptional yet different gifts. They personify the best in their profession. Their past and present students are a testament to their careers.”

To view the DOE Media Release, go to: https://mainedoenews.net/2016/05/13/maines-2016-county-teachers-of-the-year-recognized/

To view the entire list of County Teachers of the Year for 2016, go to: http://www.mainetoy.org/2016-county-teachers-of-the-year.html

Congratulations Morgan and Lawrence!