Extended Teacher Education Program (ETEP)

WW-RBF Fellowship Application Process

Fellowship Application Process

The application process is explained with all supporting documents by visiting http://www.woodrow.org/teaching-fellowships/wwrbf/application.php

To apply, please submit the USM Application for Nomination  to Dr. Flynn Ross by September 15, 2011.  No late applications will be accepted so please contact Dr. Flynn Ross with any questions before September 15th.  


Your materials will be reviewed by a committee and two nominees from USM will be selected to compete nationally for the fellowship. If you are nominated you will be required to complete the full application with letters of recommendation, transcripts, and two essays by Oct. 15, 2011.  http://www.woodrow.org/teaching-fellowships/wwrbf/application.php 

Flynn Ross, Ed.D.
Associate Professor , Teacher Education