Extended Teacher Education Program (ETEP)

The Extended Teacher Education Program (ETEP) is a nationally accredited graduate-level teacher education program that leads to elementary or secondary certification and a master's degree. Learn more about Extended Teacher Education Program (ETEP).

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ETEP Application Guide

ETEP Application Guide

This guide will assist you in preparing the ETEP program application. It covers prerequisites, required tests, relevant experience, admission timelines, and more!
ETEP Info Session

ETEP Program Information Sessions

Attend an info session for prospective students interested in the Masters in Teaching & Learning – ETEP Program. We discuss all aspects of the admissions process.
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ETEP--a professional teaching certification program

Are you visting this page from the Maine Educator Association? See what ETEP has to offer.

Teacher Shortage Areas

U.S. Dept. of Education designated teacher shortage areas for purposes of student loan cancellations, loan deferments, & reductions under some student loan programs!