Facilities Management

2013 Upcoming Projects

Thank you in advance for your continued help and patience as we work through our busy project schedule. These projects will greatly improve the physical environment for our students, faculty and staff.

If you have any questions about any of the information below please call 780-4160.

Both campuses:

New building exterior signage and way-finding kiosks will be installed on both the Portland and Gorham campuses.  Newcomers to the campuses will find it easier to get to their intended destinations with consistent information and standardized identification.  Permanent “tobacco free campus” signs will also be installed in prominent locations.


The Gorham Water Tank Refurbishment: The water tower will be completely rehabilitated, inside and outside as well as bringing many areas of the tank up to current code.  The new coating being applied to the outside is a special long-term product that will resist rusting and give the tank a more permanent fresh look.

Bailey Hall Window Replacement: Limited areas of windows in office areas and corridors of Bailey Hall will be replaced with a new energy efficient (and leak free) window wall system.  These windows have been a source of leaks for many years, damaging interior finishes which will be repaired as part of this project.  While this by no means solves all the infiltration issues in Bailey, it is a start.

Academy Building: The Academy Building will be undergoing renovations to bring the building in compliance with the most current ADA Standards. We will be adding a new ADA accessible ramp and sidewalk to the entrance and renovate the existing corridors and toilet rooms to provide an accessible path of travel and meet ADA standards.

Gorham Central Heat Plant:  The Gorham Central Heat Plant will be completely renovated this summer. We will be replacing all 3 Boilers as well as all piping, electrical, fire alarm systems associated pumps and equipment and stand-by power.  The exterior of the building will all be upgraded with new windows, doors and roofing. In addition, the domestic hot water needs for Brooks Dining Center and the Athletic complex will be separated from the central heat plant to provide for a more energy efficient method of satisfying those needs during the non-heating season.  

280 Hastings:  Renovations to 280 Hastings to include new HVAC, lighting, fire protection, AV equipment and furniture.

51 College Ave Renovation:  Renovations to 51 College Avenue for the Theatre Department to include a new sewing room, dyeing room, prop storage and faculty offices.

Russell Hall Renovations:  Renovations to Russell Hall to include upgrades to the existing prop shop, a new Green Room, new classroom and lower level bathroom.


Science Building: Two strips of windows in Science A Wing will be replaced with a new energy efficient (and one that does not leak) window wall system.  These windows have been a source of leaks for some time, damaging interior finishes which will be repaired as part of this project.

Parking Garage Repairs and Maintenance: Major maintenance and repairs will be taking place on the roof deck of the Garage.  This will require the top 2 decks (roof and 3rd) to be closed off much of the summer.  We will be preventing water infiltration to the lower decks of the garage.  This is the first of several phases of “catch-up” major maintenance that will continue in the garage over the next few summers.

Bio-Science Bathroom Upgrades: New bathrooms will be constructed in the Bio Science Research Wing on the 2nd, 3rd and 5th floors.

Science ‘B’ Renovation:  Upgrades to the 3rd floor of Science ‘B’ building to include new corridor floor finishes, ceilings, paint, lighting, seating areas and display cases.  Renovations to B352 including ceilings, flooring, paint, lighting and new fume hoods.

Fire Alarm System Upgrades:  Full replacement of the outdated fire alarm systems in Luther Bonney, Masterton and Payson Smith Halls.

Luther Bonney 424/425:  Upgrades to the space include flooring replacement, new ceilings, lighting, HVAC equipment, wall finishes and furniture. Other HVAC work will continue from pervious summers’ work


Lewiston/ Auburn Campus: The Lewiston/Auburn Campus back entrance is currently undergoing a siding renovation to upgrade the back entrance to match the earlier renovations on the main entrance of the Building.