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2019 Summer Projects

Many projects will be taking place over the Summer of 2019 that will impact campus facilities and infrastructure. These projects will improve the overall USM experience for students, faculty, staff and community members. This page will be updated throughout the summer as projects progress.

If you would like more detailed information regarding these projects please call Adam Thibodeau, Assistant Director of Capital Planning and Project Management at 780-4751.


Project Title


Anticipated Construction Start

Anticipated Construction End

Costello Sports - Hill Gym

Hill Gym Floor Replacement

Replacement of the Hill Gym floor 

Mid-April 2019

Late June 2019

Brooks Student Center

Brooks Dining Renovations - Sodexo

Renovations to the Brooks Dining area and servery

Mid-May 2019

Late August 2019

Bailey Hall

Bailey Fire Protection Upgrades

Upgrades to the fire protection system

Mid-May 2019

Late August 2019

Bailey Hall

Bailey Ceiling Abatement

Removal of existing ceiling tiles containing asbestos

Late May 2019

Mid-July 2019

Woodward Hall

Woodward Renovations

Renovations to the main lobby, bathrooms, stairs, RD apartment, card-reader install, fire alarm replacement

Mid-May 2019

Mid-August 2019

Brooks Student Center

Brooks Transformer and Generator Installation

Installation of the emergency generator and replacement of electrical service

Mid-May 2019

Mid-August 2019

Brooks Student Center

Brooks Roof Replacement

Replacement of the Brooks roof

Early April 2019

Mid-May 2019

Payson Smith Hall

Payson Smith 3rd fl Classrooms Improvements

Renovation to Payson Smith room 305, 305A and 305C for Maine Center Ventures

Mid May 2019

Mid-August 2019

Science Building -Bioscience B Wing

Ricci Lecture Hall Upgrades - 165 Science

Renovations to Science 165 to become the Ricci Lecture Hall

Mid-May 2019

Mid-August 2019

Woodbury Campus Center

Woodbury Natural Gas Installation

Installation of natural gas piping system and appliances to support the food service at Woodbury Campus Center

Late June 2019

Early August 2019

USM Parking Garage

Parking Garage Entry System Upgrades

Replacement of existing parking garage entry hardware and software to collect revenue from parking in the garage

Mid-May 2019

Mid-August 2019

Portland Campus-Wide

Portland Exterior Lighting Study

Study to analyze the Portland campus exterior lighting for improvements

Mid-March 2019

Early May 2019