Facilities Management

Campus Event Information

Campus Event Information

Among the many services that Facilities Management provides is assistance with campus events.  Our knowledgeable team works with customers to help create a successful event.  Our event related services include: set up and take down of events, delivery of event materials, before and after event clean up, ordering specialized event materials from rental companies, fulfillment of electrical requirements, and environmental (HVAC) needs.

In order to ensure accuracy, Facilities Management uses a work order system to track and organize event-related requests.  We ask all customers to submit event requests via our on-line work order system at least 48 hours in advance*. Work orders can be submitted via the Facilities Customer Request form or by emailing usmfixit@maine.edu.

Any questions or concerns regarding event set up requests can be addressed to 780-4160.

*Please allow additional request time for specialized item rentals

Information needed for set up requests is as follows:

  • Date of event
  • Time of event
  • Set up time
  • Take down time (if required)
  • Specific location of event (building and room/area)
  • Specific set up needs and layout
  • Chart field information
  • Contact name and number for the event

*Please note that reservation of a room(s) must be made through the Office of Space and Scheduling (780-5616).  When making room reservations, please allow adequate time before and after the event to allow for set up and break down.

Late Request Notice:  Please provide at least 48 hours advanced notice when requesting an event set up (sooner for large events and/or if specialized event materials are needed).  Late requests will be assessed a Late Request Fee of $75 if the set up can be accommodated.

*Please be aware that if Facilities Management does not receive notification of an event and custodial, grounds keeping, or electrical services are required after the event, resulting charges will be assessed at an overtime rate.

Revisions to Event Services:  The requester must send an e-mail notification of the specific changes to usmfixit@maine.edu no later than 24 hours prior to the event.  Please include the work order number, as well as the date and location of the event in the correspondence.

Canceling Event Services:  To avoid a cancelation fee, it is necessary to send an e-mail notification of the event cancelation prior to the event set up time (24 hour notice whenever possible) to usmfixit@maine.edu .  Please reference the work order number, as well as the date and location of the event.  Should notification of cancelation take place during or after the event has been set up, the responsible party will be charged the labor and materials cost of the event.

Catering Service and Table Skirting:

  • Food services, including table skirting, must be coordinated through Sodexo (780-5612).

Student Events:

  • All student events should be coordinated through the Office of Student Life, Portland and/or Gorham. 

Traffic, Parking, and Barricades:

  • Vehicular traffic and/or parking needs are to be coordinated through the office of Parking & Transportation Services (780-4718).
  • Requests for barricades to block off campus roads and/or parking lots should be coordinated through the Office of Facilities Management (780-4160).

Event Signage:

  • Use of sandwich boards/event signage is to be requested and coordinated through Facilities Management.
  • At no time shall trees or building exteriors be used to hang banners or signs without proper authorization and/or assistance from Facilities Management.

Technical Components:

  • Technical needs, such as microphones and projectors, should be coordinated through Instructional Technology & Media Services (780-4280).

Outside Events:

  • Requesters are asked to notify Facilities Management of all events and/or gatherings taking place outside on campus grounds.  This allows for proper scheduling of grounds maintenance, as well as suitable litter patrol before and after an event.
  • All tent rentals/set ups, hanging banners/tarps are to be coordinated through Facilities Management due to underground utilities and grounds keeping considerations.  At no time shall trees be used to hang banners, tarps, or signs.

Special Considerations:

  • All electrical and environmental (HVAC) requests need to be coordinated through Facilities Management.


Materials available and rental fees:   

Sandwich boards

$ 5.00 ea, per day

Commercial grade extension cords

Hourly rate for set up/break down ($ 100 replacement fee for missing cord)

Power panel

$ 150.00, plus labor for set up/break down


Labor rates for event services:

$ 37.50 per hour, per person


Specialized Items:  (subject to rental company rates)

Staging and stage skirting


Pipe and drape or backdrop



Coat racks


Other specialized items