Facilities Management

Facilities Permit Process

Facilities Permit Process

Brief Overview:

The office of Facilities Management is responsible for the operation, maintenance and construction supervision of all physical facilities, grounds, and trash and recycling at the University of Southern Maine’s campuses, including all remote locations managed by the University. Additionally, Facilities Management is responsible for maintaining the University space inventory, which includes use of every space and the personnel assigned to every space. In order for Facilities Management to fulfill its role and responsibilities, USM’s facility support staff must have awareness and documentation of the condition of the physical facilities and knowledge of who is in what space at all times. Proper documentation allows USM’s support staff to maintain a safe working environment, effect repairs safely and efficiently and enables USM to comply with all regulatory agencies.

A Facilities Permit is required for all modifications, personnel moves, renovations, and construction . All such work must be performed by Facilities Management personnel, or by contractors under the supervision of Facilities Management, to ensure compliance with statutory requirements, established policies and standards of the Board of Trustees and the University of Southern Maine.

In no instance shall facilities or grounds construction, alterations or repairs be performed by other employees without written authorization of Facilities Management. This applies to all projects such as painting, installation of air conditioners, carpeting (or any floor covering), dumpster rental, phone relocations, etc.

The permit is not intended to replace the Facilities work order system, rather it is to be used when the work order system does not meet the need.

Facilities Permit FAQ's

1. Why do I need to fill out a permit request form?

A permit is necessary in order for all of USM’s facilities support staff to have knowledge, documentation and oversight of the condition of the physical facilities, as well as knowledge of which department is in what space at all times. Things to consider when determining if a permit is necessary are: Does it affect the building in any way (i.e.: electrical, plumbing, or heating/cooling, data, structural [walls, systems and modular furniture], etc.)? Is a person physically moving in or out of an office or area? (additional paperwork may be needed for personnel moves) If yes, then a permit is required. When in doubt, contact FM. It is important to note that IT-Telecom and Creative Office have been asked to help with the compliance of the permit process by asking for the assigned permit number before proceeding with any request for services.

2. Do I need a permit to move furniture within my office?

No, provided no person (or people) is moving and no utilities (electrical, phones, data, etc.) are involved.

3. Do I need a permit for a repair?

No, generally repairs to University property do not need a permit - a work order request is adequate. After an assessment, it may require the submission of a permit if conditions warrant.

4. Do I need a permit to paint my office/multiple offices or areas within my department?

Yes, since this involves an assessment of the area, when it was last painted, and general overall condition of the space in question.

5. How long before I hear back about my work permit?

Our goal is to have an initial response within three business days of receipt of a properly “completed” FM permit request in our office. Receipt of an incomplete permit or information on the request form may result in further delays. Please keep in mind that this3-day period is for an initial response only. Different types of projects will take varying lengths of time. Please give as much notice as possible so we can provide the best service possible.

6. Do I enter work orders and/or coordinate work with regard to my permit?

No. After the permit has been approved, any work orders needed are generated for you, with the exception of data and phones. See FAQ #8.

7. Who has to sign off on a permit?

The requester, the Dean/Supervisor for that department, and the appropriate VP (or a person previously designated and authorized by the VP) for that department. All 3 signatures are required. Incomplete permit forms cannot be processed and will be sent back to you for completion, which may result in delays.

8. Does Facilities move phones/data/computer lines?

No. After a permit has been approved it is assigned a permit number. You will be advised to contact IT/Telecommunications regarding your needs. You must refer to this permit number when requesting any work from IT/Telecommunications that relates to a particular permit. Our movers will physically move computers and phones.

9. Do I need a permit to install new carpeting or flooring?

Yes, since this involves the condition of the physical facilities. It is also important to note the overview above that describes who is authorized (Facilities only) to perform work such as this.

10. I have an existing permit – can I use the same permit for additional work or do I need a new permit?

It depends on what the work is for – a time line for completion of each permit project or task should be developed by FM at the time of the issuance. If the additional work relates to your original project/permit the same permit number can be used. Please note that any changes/additions involving significant increases in funding require written VP approval via email or fax. If the additional work is of a different nature, a new permit may be needed. In any case it is best to speak to a FM administrative representative to clarify your needs.

11. Can I fax or e-mail my completed and signed permit to you?

Yes! Completed, signed permit request forms can be sent via inter-office mail to 25 Bedford Street - Portland Campus, faxed to our office at 780-4538 or e-mailed to usmfixit@maine.edu to start the permit process.

12. Why do I need to identify the funding source?

This is to ensure that your department is aware of the expenditure or potential for expenditure. *NOTE* Funding source is needed for estimates as well.

13. How are larger project permit initiatives handled?

Typically a larger project starts with a permit requesting a study which will result in a scope of work and an initial estimate. After the study is completed, the results of the study are returned to the requestor and a new permit will be required to encumber additional funds to complete the project.

Facilities Permit Form