Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Roster

Last name, first name 
Campus # Campus Address 
Representation Term Expires

Aicher, Peter (Prof. Classics)
(Judy Shepard-Kegl is proxy for Fall 2010) 
780-4312 aicher@usm.maine.edu 
CAS, At-large 2011

Anderson, Andy (Dean, Red College) 
780-5585 Andrew@maine.edu
Ex-officio, Red College

Arey, Angela (Assoc Writing Prof) 
780-4472 angela.arey@maine.edu 
Law 2011

Arsenault, Lori (Admin Manager; Dean of Applied Science)  
780-5142 larsenault@usm.maine.edu  
Prof. Staff Representative 2011

Botman, Selma (President) 
780-4485 sbotman@usm.maine.edu 

Cameron, Ardis (Prof. American & New England Studies, rep for WAGS) 
780-4921 acameron@usm.maine.edu
WAGS Spring 2011

Chapkis, Wendy (Prof. Sociology & WAGS) 
780-4757 Chapkis@usm.maine.edu 
Ex-officio, WAG 

Clary, Bruce (Prof. Public Policy, Muskie) 
780-4865 brucec@usm.maine.edu 
Muskie 2011

Cleary, Rose ( Director of Honors, Assoc. Prof,) 
780-4331 rcleary@usm.maine.edu  
Ex-officio, Honors 

Congdon, Clare (Assoc Prof., Computer Science)
(Mehrdaad Ghorashi is proxy for the remainder of AY 2010-2011) 
228-8441 Clare.congdon@maine.edu
ASET 2011

Coste, Tara (Assoc. Prof., Leadership) 
753-6596 tcoste@usm.maine.edu 
LAC 2011

Croteau, Karen (Prof, EHSS) 
780-4653 kcroteau@usm.maine.edu 
CONHP 2011

Eagan,  Eileen (Assoc. Prof., History) 
780-5058 eagan@usm.maine.edu 
CAS, At-large 2011

Edwards, Thomas (Assoc. Prof. & Coordinator, CEHD Ed Leadership Progs) 
780-5090 tedwards@usm.maine.edu
CEHD 2011

Gainey, Lou (Prof, Biological Sciences)  
780-4264 gainey@usm.maine.edu 
CAS, At-large 2011

Ghorashi, Mehrdaad 
780-5166 Mghorashi@usm.maine.edu 
Proxy for Congdon 2011

Gibson, Joyce Taylor Gibson (Dean, LAC) 
753-6594 jgibson@usm.maine.edu 
Ex-officio, LAC 

Gilbert, Dennis (Communication/Media) 
228-8293 dgilbert@usm.maine.edu 
Part-time faculty rep 2011

Hamilton, Nathan (Assoc. Prof, Archeaology) 
780-5049 casco@maine.edu 
CAS, At-large 2011

Hart, Valerie (Assoc. Prof, Nursing) 
780-5748 Valerie.hart@maine.edu
CONHP 2011

Harris, David (Prof., Nursing) 
780-8178 deharris@maine.edu
USM, At-large 2011

Hillard, Michael (Prof, Economics) 
780-4416 mhillard@usm.maine.edu 
CAS, Social Sciences 2011

Hitchcock, Jan (Prof., SBS, LAC) 
753-6506 hitch@maine.edu
USM, At-large 2011

Holden, Christine (Assoc. Prof, History) 
780-5059 holden@maine.edu
CAS, At-large 2011

Johnson, Paul (Assoc Prof., Social Work) 
780-4438 paulj@maine.edu
CAS, At-large 2011

Jones, Ken (Assoc. Prof, Teacher Ed) 
780-5638 kjones@usm.maine.edu 
CEHD 2011

Knight, Tom (Assoc. Prof, Biology) 
780-4577 tknight@usm.maine.edu 
CAS, At-large 2011

Kuech, Robert (Assoc. Prof,, Science Ed) 
780-5089 rkuech@usm.maine.edu 
CEHD 2011

Kuhn, Katherine (AAII Payroll Services) 
780-5202 kkuhn@usm.maine.edu
Classified Staff Rep 2011

Kuzma, Lynn (Dean, Green College; Assoc Prof, Political Science) 
780-4347 kuzma@usm.maine.edu 
Ex-Officio, Green College 

Lambert, David (Assoc. Research Prof. I, Muskie) 
780-4502 davidl@usm.maine.edu 
Muskie 2011

LaSala, Jerry (Prof., Physics) (Chair, Faculty Senate) 
780-4557 lasala@usm.maine.edu 
CAS, At-large, Chair 2011

Laz, Cheryl (Assoc. Prof, Sociology) 
780-4101 Cherlaz@usm.maine.edu 
CAS, Social Sciences 2011

Lualdi, Katharine (Part-time, Honors) 
780-4330 Katharine.jacksonlualdi@usm.maine.edu 
Part-time faculty rep 2011

Lück, Carlos (Assoc. Prof, Engineering) 
780-5583 clusk@usm.maine.edu 
ASET 2011

Luhauskikh, Yahor (Health Policy and Management)  
Graduate Student Senate 2011

Lynn, Dahlia (Dean, Graduate Studies; Assoc Prof Public Policy Management) 
780-4544 dlynn@usm.maine.edu
Ex-officio, Grad Studies 

MacDonald, Tom (Assoc. Prof, Business Computing) 
780-44595 tommac@usm.maine.edu 
USM At-large 2011

Mace, F Charles (Prof. School Psychology) 
780-5701 fcmace@usm.maine.edu 
CEHD 2011

Medley, Joe (Assoc. Prof., Economics) 
780-4293 medley@usm.maine.edu 
CAS, At-large 2010

Meinersmann, Krista (Assoc Prof, Nursing) 
780-4993 Krista.meinersmann@maine.edu 
USM, At-large 2011

Miller, Lynne (Prof., Educational Leadership) 
780-5479 lynnem@usm.maine.edu 
CEHD 2011

Moody, Kimberly (Assoc Prof., Nursing) 
780-8292 Kimberly.moody@maine.edu
CONHP 2011

Moore, Lisa (Assoc. Prof, Biology) 
780-4261 lmoore@usm.maine.edu 
CAS, Math & Science 2011

Nemeroff, Carol (Prof.) (Secretary, Faculty Senate) 
753-6671 cnemeroff@usm.maine.edu 
LAC, Recording Secretary 2011

Novak, Irwin (Professor, Geology) 
780-5025 novak@usm.maine.edu 
CAS, At-large 2011

Parchman,  Tom (Assoc. Prof., Music) 
780-4266 parchman@usm.maine.edu 
CAS, Fine Arts 2011

Pitegoff, Peter (Dean) 
780-4344 pitegoff@usm.maine.edu 
Ex-officio, Law 

Raimon, Eve (Prof., Arts & Humanities, LAC) 
753-6591 raimon@maine.edu
USM, At-large 2011

Richeson, Nancy (Prof, Recreational Therapy) 
780-4646 richeson@usm.maine.edu 
CONHP 2011

Roach, Daniel (Records Tech, Muskie) 
780-4188 droach@maine.edu
Classified Staff Rep  2011

Robinson, Betty (Assoc. Prof., Leadership) 
753-6550 brobinso@usm.maine.edu 
LAC 2011

Rosenthal, Charlotte (Prof.  Russian) 
780-4325 crosenth@usm.maine.edu 
WGS 2011

Schmidt, Ron (Assoc Prof., Political Science) 
780-4581 rschmidt@usm.maine.edu
CAS, At-large 

Shaffer, James (Interim Dean, Purple College) 
780-4020 jschaffer@usm.maine.edu 
Ex-officio, Purple College 

Shaughnessy, Michael (Prof., Art) 
780-5466 michaels@usm.maine.edu 
CAS, Fine Arts  2011

Shepard-Kegl, Judy (Prof, Linguistics) 
780-5955 kegl@maine.edu
Proxy for Aicher  Fall 2010

Steele, Bill (Prof, Theatre) 
780-5482 wsteele@usm.maine.edu 
AFUM  Spring 2011

Tarbell, Vernon (Bookstore Asst) 
780-4156 Vernon.tarbell@maine.edu
Classified Staff Rep 2011

Thompson, Doug (Prof., Epidemiology) 
780-4682 dougt@usm.maine.edu 
ASET 2010

Uzzi, Jeannine (Assoc. Prof. Classics) (Vice-Chair, Faculty Senate) 
780-4917 juzzi@usm.maine.edu 
CAS, Humanities,  Vice-chair 2011

Valdes-Leon, Silvia (Assoc. Prof., Math) 
780-4253 sylviavl@usm.maine.edu 
CAS, Math & Science 2011

Voyer, John (Prof., Business Admin) 
780-4597 voyer@maine.edu
Business 2011

Wagner, Travis (Ast. Prof., DES) 
228-8450 twagner@usm.maine.edu 
ASET 2011

Waldrep, Shelton (Prof., English)
(Ardiss Cameron is proxy for Fall 2010) 
780-4086 waldrep@maine.edu 
CAS, Humanities 2011

Willemsphaneuf, Ashley (Student)  Willemsphaneuf.ashley@maine.edu 
Student Body President 2011

Whitney, Jean (Assoc Prof., Special Teacher Ed) 
780-5095 Jean.whitney@maine.edu 
Proxy for Ken Jones Fall ‘10

Williams, Jo (Assoc. Prof, Business Administration) (Board of Trustees Representative) 
780-4032 jwilliams@usm.maine.edu 
Business 2011

Wright, John (Provost) 
780-5585 jwright@usm.maine.edu 
Ex-officio, Provost