Faculty Senate


Executive Committee

Blake Whitaker, Chair, Natural and Applied Sciences, blakew@maine.edu
Liz Turesky, Vice-Chair, Leadership Studies, eturesky@maine.edu
Sepples, Susan, Secretary, School of Nursing, susan.sepples@maine.edu


College of Science, Technology, and Health 

Lucille Benedict, Chemistry, lucille.benedict@maine.edu
Mehrdaad Ghorashi, Engineering, mehrdaad.ghorashi@maine.edu
Sepples, Susan School of Nursing, Faculty Senate Secretary, susan.sepples@maine.edu
Carlos Lück, Engineeringd carlosl@maine.edu
Mark Monnin,  mark.monnin@maine.edu
Elizabeth Vella, Psychology, elizabeth.vella@maine.edu
Jerry LaSala, Physics, lasala@maine.edu
Jeanne Gottlieb, School of Nursing jeanne.gottlieb@maine.edu

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences 
Tom Parchman, School of Music, parchman@maine.edu
Jie Zhao, History, zhaoj@maine.edu

College of Management and Human Services 
Matthew Bampton, Geography-Anthropology, bampton@maine.edu
Elise Bolda, Muskie School, elise.bolda@maine.edu
Donald Ladd, School of Business, donald.ladd@maine.edu
Robert Kuech, Extended Teacher Education Program, robert.kuech@maine.edu
Alec Lapidus, Literacy Education, alexander.lapidus@maine.edu
Amarpreet Kohli, School of Business, amarpreet.kohli@maine.edu

Lewiston Auburn College 
Tara Coste, Leadership and Organizational Studies, tgcoste@maine.edu
Blake Whitaker, Natural and Applied Sciences, Faculty Senate Chair, blakew@maine.edu

Part-Time Representatives 
Jen McDermott, Art, jennifer.mcdermott@maine.edu

At-Large Senators listed with their caucus 
Assunta Kent Theatre / Women and Gender Studies assunta@maine.edu
Liz Turesky, Leadership Studies, Faculty Senate Vice-Chair, eturesky@maine.edu