Financial Aid Office

Maximum Semesters of Eligibility for Pell Grant Awards

What has happened?

  • Beginning with Summer 2012, all students are now limited to 12 semesters, or 600%, of Pell Grant Eligibility during their lifetime
  • Change affects all students regardless of when or where they received their first Pell Grant

Can I see my Lifetime Pell Grant Used?

  • Yes, you may view your Pell Grant used by logging into the National Student Loan Data System, at

How is the percentage used calculated?

  • Percentages are based off the annual award at fulltime enrollment status
  • For Example: Students who attended 12 or more credits in two semesters (Fall and Spring  for example), the percentage used for the academic year is 100%. If you only attended 9 credits for two semesters, your percentage used for the academic year is 75%.

Whether you have used all of your Pell Grant eligibility or only half, please be conscious about the lifetime limit of the Pell Grant when changing majors and/or scheduling classes

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