Finance and Administration

How To Prepare and Submit a Journal Entry (JE) or Interdepartmental Order (IDO)

USM is moving to electronic receipt of Journal Entries and Interdepartmental Orders (JEs and IDOs).  This change aligns with our green philosophy and streamlines the processing of these entries.  Additionally, our office is able to upload excel spreadsheets directly into GL which reduces the chance for error and eliminates time spent deciphering handwritten material.  This process will be standard practice effective July 1, 2014.  Feel free, however, to adopt this process immediately.  Call Finance and Administration at 780-4484 if you have any questions. 

The Process:

  • Journal entries and Interdepartmental Orders must be sent as excel attachments using the forms in the link below.  Handwritten signatures are no longer required.  Please be sure to adhere to the 30 character limit (including spaces) in the line description on the JE form.  USE OF ANYTHING OTHER THAN LETTERS OR NUMBERS WILL PREVENT THE FORM FROM UPLOADING.  Please refrain from using any symbols or punctuation.

  • Be sure to include descriptions and all appropriate amounts, departments, accounts and fund codes at a minimum.  Enter class, program and project numbers if appropriate. 
  • Journal Entry forms must include the name of the originator and the approver.
  • IDO’s must include the Ordering and Selling Department names as well as the printed name of the person authorizing the transaction, i.e., the person requesting the service or product. 
  • Once the JE or IDO is complete, the originator forwards the excel document to the financial manager for review and approval.  The financial manager then sends the excel document via e-mail along with any back up to  

Please remember that any JE’s or IDO’s involving a sponsored project (Project IDs beginning with 64XXXXX) need to be sent to the Office of Sponsored Programs for review and processing. 

During the month: 

  • Journal Entries are to be posted within five business work days, For example, when a JE is initiated in Maine Street on Monday, it should be submitted by Wednesday and approved by Friday. It is the responsibility of the initiator to both submit the JE and to be sure the JE has been approved within the 5-day time frame. 
  • The initiator should check at least once a week to make sure any JE’s have been approved and posted.  This creates a better work flow process, eliminating rushing at month end, and ensures that entries will not be eliminated on the last day allowed for entries for that month. 

 Here’s how to check for JE’s that need your attention: 

  • Select – Create Journal Entries from Maine Street menu and click the Find an Existing Value tab.  In the Journal Date field use the drop down arrow and click on the word between.  Enter the first day of that month in the first box and the current date in the second box.  In the Journal Header Status box, use the drop down arrow to select Valid Journal – Edits Complete.  In the User ID box, enter your EMPL ID.  In the Source box, enter the three-digit source you use when creating a journal entry.  Click Search.  Any journal entries that appear on the screen have not been submitted, approved or posted.  Review the JE and follow up with your approver as needed.   
  • Repeat this process to check for any journals with errors, and to check for journals that are “on hold”.  The process to locate these JE’s is the same except that in the Journal Header Status box, choose “Journal Has Errors or “Journal Entry Incomplete”. 

 At Month-End:

On the last day allowed for entering monthly JE’s, any JE that has not been approved by 2:00 PM will be deleted.  This practice replaces that of the Office of Finance and Administration calling initiators and approvers on the last day to remind them of unresolved JE’s.   If in an emergency situation you need to initiate a JE after 2:00 p.m., contact Finance and Administration before entering the JE to discuss.