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Community Partner Profiles: Cumberland County Food Security Council

The Food Studies Program is fortunate to have numerous community partners working to address the hunger and nutritional needs of our community. With these profiles, we hope to highlight the work of those partners.


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PORTLAND – The Cumberland County Food Security Council (CCFSC) is composed of representatives from local organizations and active community members and leaders, working together to address Cumberland County’s hunger problem.

The CCFSC believes that everyone has a right to an adequate amount of food, that the community working together is more powerful than an individual working alone, and that solving hunger is possible. With these values in mind, the Council advocates for policy changes, educates the community about why people are food insecure, and works for solutions to address hunger in Cumberland County.

Current CCFSC initiatives include the Portland Public Schools Food Security Task Force, the Cumberland County Gleaning Initiative, and the Allyship with New Americans. Previous efforts have included the Feeding the 5,000 event, participation in the Growing Food Connections initiative, a policy forum, and a food systems summit.

The Council also strives to educate the community about what can be done to alleviate food insecurity. Some of their suggestions include planting an extra row of produce in your garden to harvest and donate to a community organization; participating in gleaning efforts to help farms donate excess produce; supporting local leadership in food-system work (farmers’ markets, food co-ops, etc.); and writing an article for your local newspaper, highlighting the work your community is doing to fight food insecurity.

To learn more about the Cumberland County Food Security Council, join their mailing list, or sign up to volunteer, visit their website or e-mail.


Kayla Blindert gleaning apples

Kayla Blindert, the former Gleaning Coordinator for the Cumberland County Gleaning Initiative, gathering apples at the Oxford Shelter Garden.


Gleanhole Suppah

Gleanhole Suppah Community Meal