Food Studies Program

Community Partner Profiles: Good Shepherd Food Bank

The Food Studies Program is fortunate to have numerous community partners working to address the hunger and nutritional needs of our community. With these profiles, we hope to highlight the work of those partners.


 Good Shepherd Food Bank logo

AUBURN – Since 1981, Good Shepherd Food Bank has been connecting the food industry to people in need. With the belief that all Mainers deserve access to nutritious food, the Food Bank works to source and distribute food, build community partnerships, and advocate for an end to hunger.

The Food Bank is invested in creating a hunger-free Maine. In 2017, the Food Bank distributed 28 million pounds of food, equivalent to about 24 million meals. The reach of this distribution is possible through partnerships with over 400 local agencies, in all 16 counties of Maine.

In addition to the distribution of donated and purchased food, the Food Bank’s work includes Cooking Matters, a cooking and nutrition education program; youth and family initiatives; the Food Mobile, a mobile food pantry to reach the most underserved families; preparation and distribution of United States Department of Agriculture commodity food programs; and Mainers Feeding Mainers.

To address hunger in the state of Maine, the Food Bank suggests donating food or cash to local food pantries, volunteering with a food pantry, or hosting a fundraising drive. A virtual food drive is now possible with the Food Bank, in which funds can be raised online. For every dollar donated, the Food Bank is able to provide four meals!

For more information and to learn how to become involved, visit the Good Shepherd Food Bank’s website.