Food Studies Program

Food Studies Interns: Leaders in Training

Food Studies Interns Kathleen Rattazzi and Cameron Reynolds

On November 18th, three Food Studies Interns, Eden Martin, Cameron Reynolds, and Kathleen Rattazzi, attended the Inaugural Maine Food Production Leadership Council Working Session. Susanne Lee, a Business Professor at the University of Maine at Orono, invited Kathleen and Cameron to participate in this student-led food waste grant project event. The focus of the grant project is to identify a triple-bottom-line solution for food waste in Maine. One way they are working to achieve this is by bringing together Maine's food production leaders to identify what their needs are. Since Kathleen and Cameron are working with breweries and hotels as part of their Food Studies internships, Professor Susanne Lee and her students included their beer and hotel contacts for the meeting, and proposed the idea that they could "own" this section of producers. Eden Martin attended as an event assistant. Kathleen and Cameron were designated notetakers for the UMaine students during the roundtable discussions. Some of the questions discussed were: 

  • What current situations cause excess food production/food loss?
  • What are current options for handling and measuring excess food production/food loss?
  • Discuss U.S. food recovery hierarchy goals and impacts.
  • What help is needed to achieve U.S. food recovery hierarchy goals?

Cameron had this to say about the event: "Overall it was an incredible experience to be apart of, and it was really cool to see these issues being talked about by top food producers in Maine because I was able to see my academic studies about food loss and food waste put to practical use." Good work, Food Studies Interns!