Food Studies Program

Intern Evaluation for Host Site Supervisor

The USM Food Studies Internship Program provides an opportunity for students to develop and practice skills such as leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing and finance, policy analysis, advocacy and organizing, and oral and written communication. It also gives students the opportunity to make connections in food-based professional fields being considered for career paths, while giving employers the opportunity to guide and evaluate talent.

Your responses to the following questions will help the Food Studies Program understand how well you, as the intern’s supervisor, think these goals were met. The more detail you are able to provide, the better the Food Studies Program can continue to improve its internship program and the experience of both the host sites and the students.


We would like to give the intern useful feedback about their current and newly-acquired skills. Were each of these skills utilized? If so, how were they used well? If improvement is suggested, please provide more detail. If the skill listed is not applicable, please note N/A. (Each question must have an answer in order to proceed to the next.)

Did the intern communicate clearly? Were responses timely and professional? If instructions were not understood, did the intern seek clarification?
Did the intern demonstrate leadership abilities? Did they work well within a team? Were they ready to take initiative, to take challenges, to be accountable?
Did the intern possess a level of understanding around the concepts of planning and development within the organization? Did they demonstrate an appreciation for resources, materials, and services needed within your organization? Were they able to contribute to strategy-building to develop new ideas?
Did the intern appreciate your organization’s role within the local food-based economy? Did they acquire marketing and finance skills that would help them to create and maintain a sustainable business?
Did the intern develop a deeper understanding of the way in which specific state and federal food policies impact the work of your organization, and the population your organization serves? Please explain.
Are there specific advocacy and/or organizing tools or skills that the intern developed over the course of their internship? Please describe.