Franco-American Collection

Oral Histories



The Franco-American Collection maintains a wide variety of oral history interviews conducted with members of the local Franco-American community. Interview dates range between the 1970s and the present. Subjects include: childhood, music, religion, wartime, labor, business, sports, and language.

These oral histories are provided for research and educational purposes only.    No copies of recordings or transcripts is allowed. Permission required for publication and dissemination purposes.


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Interviews in English:

Beaulé, Gilberte Desrochers (1937 Shoe Strike, Great Depression, family Life, bilingualism)

Bisson-Barnes, Alice (Ted Bisson, Middle Street Diner, food, religion, family life, immigration, heritage)

Blais, Denis (Labor movement in the textile mills in Rhode Island and Lewiston)

Camire, Patricia Paré (Great Depression, St Joseph's Orphanage, Women's Army Corps)

Cloutier, Marcel (Textile industry, labor unions)

Coady, Irene Labreque (Music, Christmas, orphanage)

Coté, Connie (Musician and radio presenter)

Cyr, Theresa (Family and work in Van Buren, Lewiston and Rhode Island)

Dumont, Lillie (Comparison of Montréal and Lewiston)

Dutil, Bert (Korean War, Pine Tree Warriors Drum and Bugle Corps, Christmas)

Filion, Lucien (Shoe and textile industries)

Gagnon, Francis (Music, lumberjacking, pumpkin farming)

Gastonguay, Jean and Mercedes (Christmas traditions)

Guenette, Doris (Vietnam, Operation Desert Storm)

Hamel, Robert (Shoe shops, roofing, Lewiston's ethnic groups)

Herbert, Germaine Martel (Lewiston city politics, notable families)

Huff, Nancy Lee (Morin) (Morin family history, genealogy research)

Jalbert, Paul (Fred's Barber's Shop, St Louis' Choir)

LaBrie, Maurice (National Vending Company, businesses, Franco-American customs)

Lacasse, Emile (Lacasse's Bakery, Liberty Ships)

Levesque, Ida (Family and shoe shops)

Mailhot, Roger (Mailhot Sausage Company)

Nadeau, Roger (Shoe shops, Vietnam War)

Ouellette, Rolande Duguay (Life in Quebec, family values, cooking)

Paré, Lucille (Sister Marie Sylvie) (Ave Maria Academy, life in the Dominican Order).

Perrier, Glorianne (Kayaking 1964 Olympics)

Perry, Maureen (Toutière, family traditions)

Pomerleau, Antonio (Textile industry, unions)

Rancourt, Lucien (Shoe shops, unions)

Schott, John (Grand Trunk Railroad Depot, Lewiston)

Sturtevant, Marie (Nursing, Vietnam War)


Interviews in French:

Beaulieu, Margaret (Immigration and early life; work in the Bates Mill, Lewiston)

Cody, Betty (Rita Coté) (Musical career)

Fournier, Amedée (Lewiston noteables)

Lavigne, Celestine (Childhood, Brunswick's Franco community)

LeClair, Victoria Fournier (Childhood immigration, work, social life)

Parent, Anaïse (Growing up in Canada, life in the States)

St Denis, Alexina Goyette (Childhood, citizenship, identity)

Teko, André (Togo, Benin, Comparison of Africa and the US)