Franco-American Collection

Our Spring Semester Intern Hannah Cain

Hannah Cain

For the spring semester of 2021, the Franco-American Collection was delighted to host a remote intern from the USM class HTY 300, “Putting History to Work.” Our intern, senior English major Hannah Cain, was able to work fully remote on her internship with us. Over the course of the semester, she worked on two main projects: transcribing a scrapbook to increase online accessibility of the content, and creating a finding aid for the Lepage Bakeries Collection. We interviewed Hannah about her time at the Collection, and you can read all about it below!


Hannah was grateful for the remote internship option. Remote internships are new to all of us due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, and are a valuable way to connect to students online. Hannah said the main drawback to a remote internship was that she didn’t have the chance to physically work with the objects at the Collection.


When asked if her internship was a valuable learning experience, Hannah said it was, especially because she hopes to go on to a graduate program in Library and Information Science. Hannah enjoyed being able to increase her confidence in using the skills she gained during her internship, such as navigating the Library of Congress subject authority file online. When asked what advice she’d give a new, future intern at the Franco-American Collection, Hannah said that it was important to get out of your comfort zone in order to gain new skills.


We are grateful to Hannah for her assistance this semester, and hope to catch up with her in-person one day soon.


Check out the transcript Hannah made for the Bert Dutil Veterans 2006 scrapbook: