Franco-American Collection

Donating to the Collection

The Franco-American Collection accepts donations of material related to Maine's Franco-American communities, and other French-speaking communities in North America.

We are particularly interested in receiving material relating to Franco organizations, businesses and institutions, as well as figures in the public eye.  Since the Collection is a 'living archive', we will be happy to consider donations of contemporary material, as well as historical items.  Personal memoirs and family histories can provide a unique insight into Franco-American culture.

Due to limitations of space and resources, it is not possible for us to accept every offer of a donation.  Any potential donations will be assessed by the Collection's coordinator to ensure that it conforms with our acquisition policy.  If we are unable to take your donation, we will endeavor to find a suitable home at another institution.

If you are interested in donating material, please contact the Coordinator at 207-753-6545 or